Lens Maven | Week 30 of Project 365

Week 30 of Project 365

August 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Have no fear, the blog is here! In all honesty there are weeks where I don't feel like being poetic, or witty...weeks where other priorities take precedence over the blog. This past week has been so busy for me as a photographer that I had to put the blog aside to keep up with deadlines, and to keep up with my main priority, my family. Taking a daily photo to document my life is rather simple, but being present in my life is a whole other animal. Do I choose to run outside to take a photo of a beautiful moment my husband or children or having...and then return to editing/blogging/emailing/social media managing, or do I be present in that beautiful moment? The answer isn't always an easy one. 


Project 365


Zooming around the last leg of the race to Abram's chalk made finish line. (Yes, his pants are on backward...no he wouldn't let me turn them around.)



I live for twin moments like this. They aren't always happy with each other, but at the end of the day, they always love each other. 



The life of a boy mom. Constant scrapped knees, bumps, and bruises. It took a lot of convincing that his knees didn't require a bandage. 



Otto, always so expressive with his hands. I'm not positive what he was pointing at, but a split second later the three were off in that direction. 



Garrett, class of 2018. More about him on the blog later!



This is what it looks like when you plop down a cake and five forks in front of sugar eager kiddos.



Brianna, such a natural! More about her senior session on the blog later!



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