Lens Maven | Week 37 of Project 365

Week 37 of Project 365

October 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Fall...it's finally here! There's a slight crisp to the night air, the leaves are beginning to change and gracefully fall to the earth. These are the days I love most. Where not only does that morning coffee warm your soul but also the chill in the tips of your fingers. Sweaters, tall boots, and the occasional mix of fan wear representing our favorite teams (GO BIG RED!)...I just love it all! Last week Kansas City still hadn't quite got the memo about the changing season, but it was good for my final sessions of September. Speaking of September, that's a wrap folks! Whew! It was by far my busiest month of the year, and now I am looking forward to sharing all those beautiful moments with my clients as I finish up their galleries. I have the next two weeks off to enjoy my family, friends, Husker football, and to heal from this cold that I managed to hold at bay until I finished up with my last client. Oh, and editing...lots, and lots of editing. I am blessed. 

Project 365


"Mom, I'm hiding!" - Otto



I try to sneak snacks into my office to help keep my energy up while editing, and he somehow always knows. He LOVES pork rinds. Weird, I know. 



An optical illusion? Husker football day!



Kenna, so full of life, spirit, and just so darn pretty! More about her on the blog later. 


269, 269.1/365

Soccer brothers! You see that smile on Liam's face? That's the "I scored a goal!" face. 



So much laughter during their engagement session. I cannot wait for their December wedding. 



Practice makes perfect...hopefully. 



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