Week 36 of Project 365

September 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's been sort of a crazy week, and I'll be the first to admit that getting in a photo every day was extremely difficult. I'd be rushing around and get to the end of the day to realize I hadn't taken a photo, or even rushing out the door I grab my camera...realize the dog is still out, put down my camera to put him in his crate...and then realize on our way to soccer practice that I forgot to pick back up my camera. This week there's a mix of cell phone and "big girl camera" photos, but I am giving myself a little grace about it. Some weeks the beautiful moments reveal themselves as if God wanted me to capture that specific image, and other weeks I can't seem to figure out which way is up. This week was the latter of the two. 

Project 365


Some days, spinning around the trunk of a tree helps to decompress after a long day. 



The clouds before the KC Sporting championship match were stunning! The atmosphere at Children's Mercy Park was rocking and Sporting took home the trophy!!! 



Trying so hard to lower the basketball hoop by himself. Almost there buddy, almost. 



I was rather impressed with my long zoom lens getting detail in what little bit of moon was showing. Stretched at 300mm, it didn't turn out too shabby!



I've never seen a groom so enthralled with his wife. He was seriously her biggest fan, and it honestly made me tear up a bit. After the first kiss he turned to the crowd and announced "THIS IS MY WIFE!!!". 



Last T-ball game for the season. They're not twins or anything...haha!



Very much an "Otto" look. 



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