Week 35 of Project 365

September 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of my ultimate photography goals was achieved this past weekend, it was so amazing and sent my heart soaring. For the first time...my husband joined me as my second shooter for the wedding of an old college friend of mine. You see, he's pretty amazing but never wants to take credit for it. He's been taking stunning artful images for years, and several of his pieces grace the walls of our home but he's never taken up his camera as a part of the Lens Maven business. With the abundance of weddings I've had this year, he decided it was time, and I couldn't be more thankful. You see, he and I have been together for eleven years. We know each other like the back of our own hand, moving and working together in perfect sync. Looking at the images following the wedding, you can even see our artful eyes are so similar it's kind of creepy...in a good way. We never stop moving during a wedding day, so to see that we saw the same perfect moment and captured it in our own, yet similar way was so interesting. Being a team is the best feeling in the world. 

Sean, the man behind the camera who makes my heart skip a beat. 


Project 365


Abram and his BFF blowing off some leftover energy at the end of the day. 



T-ball and soccer days are some of my favorite. They are my designated times to escape from my meticulous editing and behind the scenes photo business work to enjoy my family...to be their mom. 



Otto: "You see this car...it's mine...so don't even try!"



"Mom, look at me!". Oh I see you kiddo, I see you. 



The rain poured down around us as the sun broke through the clouds. 


And then a rainbow graced the sky. Congratulations Erin and Darren!



The sun was so intense as it set behind the trees. A blazing fire giving way to a cool evening. 



When you cheer dad on as he helps you win the game you were playing on your tablet. 




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