Week 32 and 33 of Project 365

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Meetings, meetings, meetings...editing...family time...and a whole lot of wedding love. That's been the theme for the past two weeks. If you hadn't noticed already, I missed last week's post, because...life. I'm diving head first into the busiest month of the season so in order to keep up, I've put the blog off (not the daily pictures themselves, just the actual post/writing of the blog). In the past two weeks my twins started pre-k, I cheered them on at t-ball, shot two weddings and a handful of other types of sessions, had several senior reveals and wedding meetings, and somehow managed to keep my head on through it all. Which is a good thing considering it's not going to get any easier coming up. I live for the grind of "work", and find that I am happier when I can find that healthy balance of family and my career. 

Project 365


That first bite of frozen yogurt...euphoric. 



Coach Sean and part of his team getting their medals after enjoying their frozen yogurt. 



Liam practicing his swing while waiting to bat.





After! Finally!!!



This is what's called the "Otto ghost". 



I'm not crying! You're crying! 



So this isn't your typical wedding photo but I have to share the interesting story behind this bridesmaid and the special tobacco she's smoking. She's a self-proclaimed hippy, let's just set the record on that one. The tobacco she is smoking is Peruvian, and is NOT to be inhaled. She presented this tobacco as a gift to the bride and groom. Each member of the wedding party whispered a hope/dream/wish into the tobacco, and when they were done passing the tobacco, she took it and then proceeded to blow the smoke on the couple's foreheads, hearts, and then their clasped hands. It was a way of passing on these hopes/dreams/wishes onto the couple. Now while I'm not a smoker myself, I found this to be a very special (and unique) moment.



Late night drive back to Kansas City after being in Nebraska for the wedding I shot with my sister of TBD Photography meant a pretty chill evening at home. Quiet time with play doh was Otto's long day release. 


Liam in the morning light. (Gosh, I do love me some morning light!)



First day of Pre-K! Otto never wants left out...but that little guy still stays home with me, much to his dismay.



Feet, make a good headrest. 



Almost game day!



Reagan's senior session! She had so much personality...it was such a fun session!



My sister's family tagged along with her to KC (she was my second shooter for a Labor Day wedding)...and while they were here, they got their son a new dirt bike. Sean may, or may not have had some fun with it.



Morgan and Jeff's wedding day! I'll share more of those photos later.


Cell phone selfie. Spent my evening at the salon (thanks to Sean who arranged the salon time for me!), and this is round one of a two part process. Until part two...I'm pretending I'm Daenerys. ;)



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