Week 31 of Project 365

August 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A week of really high points, and epic fails that brought me to tears. Thankfully the epic fails were not of my doing, but nonetheless...a day I was so looking forward to ended in chaos and peaked emotions. You're probably thinking to yourself "oh my goodness, what could have possibly happened?!?". It's more what didn't happen. I'll explain more in this week's Project 365.


Project 365


The simple joys of children.



The most brilliant rainbow I've ever seen in my life. If you look just to the left of it, there's another one forming. I always view rainbows as God's way of reminding us that after a storm comes peace and beauty. 



The day of "epic failure". This was meant to be a before/after type of photo...but sadly the "after" never came. A day that had been months in the making turned into a day of complete frustration. If I were to show you the "after" as it currently stands, we have a sheetrock surround, a hearth with off-center tiles (after asking them to be laid centrally on the fireplace), and exposed tack strips where the carpet was ripped up. To top it off, I saw way too much bum crack that day. For the readers of this blog...I've kindly edited out the bum crack. 



With the tile not being finished, the new carpet couldn't be installed, so off to the zoo we went as a family. It was, in my opinion, the perfect family day. Perhaps this was my "rainbow" after the storm that happened the day prior. 



I was so busy running around this day that you get the pleasure of viewing a "selfie" from the KC Sporting game of my love and I. Woohoo for a WIN at their 100th sell out! 



They are so darn cute...like disgustingly cute. In a good way! I cannot wait for their wedding this coming October.



Epic eclipse day!!! We were in the path of totality and it was so awesome to see!




Just after totality. Thankfully the storms that rolled through in the morning cleared off just in time for the eclipse, and then rolled back in just after. I think the Big Man upstairs really wanted us to enjoy the eclipse.



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